CELLiST is the cell culture media brand of Ajinomoto.

      CELLiST [CELL] + [iST]
      CELLiST is a compound word of ‘CELL’ and ‘(Special)iST’, and it represents trust and confidence of Ajinomoto’s cell culture media.
      Also, CELLiST is the 1st cell culture media of Ajinomoto which contains No. 1 amino acid technology of Ajinomoto
      • No. 1 Amino acid technology
        Ajinomoto, a world leading company, we are manufacturing∙selling cell culture media products with amino acid technology and know-how.
        1st Cell culture media
        Ajinomoto provide cell culture media with the best quality.
  • CELLiST is
    • The cell culture media brand of Ajinomoto.
      Ajinomoto started cell culture media business by developing
      the Serum-Free media(ASF media) in 1987 for the first time.
      Ajinomoto have been manufacturing∙celling the cell culture media for biopharmaceuticals,
      and in 2012, Ajinomoto Genexine is established for manufacturing and selling expansion.
  • CELLiST is
    • Dealing with the world best biopharmaceutical companies
      and researchers as customer.