Cell Culture Media [PRODUCT]

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    Product name
    CELLiSTTM Feed Media
    Model No.
    Purpose of use
    Feed media
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  • Product Information

    Product Information : Concentration, With Additives, Without Additives, Sterilization, Storage Condition, Shelf Life, Item Description 에 관한 정보.
    TYPE Powder
    Concentration 27.0g / L
    With Additives None
    Without Additives Growth factor, sodium bicarbonate, poloxamer 188, hypoxanthine, thymidine, phenol red and L-glutamine
    Sterilization Non-sterile
    Storage Condition 2℃ to 8℃, dark and dry
    Shelf Life To secure shelf life of 36 months, acquisition of data is proceeding.
    Item Description Powder, chemically defined and animal derived component free medium, rehydrate to 1 L
  • Product Description

    CHO cells are the most commonly used mammalian cell line for productions of biopharmaceutical proteins that require proper folding and glycosylation for full activity. Also, the importance of speed and efficiency is being increasingly stressed in the cell culture process.

    Ajinomoto Genexine has launched BASAL3 and FEED2 for the CHO cell line through co-development efforts with Ajinomoto, which has accumulated serum-free medium manufacturing technologies for some 30 years.

    The best nutrient balance was achieved for broad CHO cell lines by our original Design of Experiment (DOE) strategy and cutting-edge analysis technologies. Robust and high cell culture performance and highly controlled medium quality of BASAL3 and FEED2 enable speedy and efficient cell culture process development.

  • Product Feature

    Ensuring excellent cell growth speed and protein production capacity
    Robust cell culture performance that gets maintained even during process scale-up
    Applicable to various CHO cell lines including S・DG44・K1・DXB11・GS Platform
    Flexible response, as a platform medium
    Easy to handle
    High-concentrate additive with a single composition
    Manufactured at a factory complying with cGMP regulations
    Strict quality control of raw materials and full traceability
    Bulk supply
    Can proceed with commercial production immediately
  • Product performance

    (A) Viable cell density

    (B) IgG titer

    Fig. 1 Batch culture performance of BASAL3

    Fig. 1: 「BASAL3」 and 15 recent commercial CD basal media were evaluated with a monoclonal antibody producing cell line. This experiment was performed in batch mode culture in Erlenmeyer flasks according to our standard manner. The model cell was adapted to each basal medium for 3 passages before this evaluation. Cell cultures with 「BASAL3」showed high cell growth and the highest IgG titer compared to those with other basal media.

    (A) Viable cell density

    (B) IgG titer

    Fig. 2 Fed-batch culture using FEED2

    Fig. 2: 『BASAL3 + FEED2』 and 8 commercial CD media sets were evaluated in fed-batch mode. Commercial media sets were selected from the result of Fig.1 which basal media showed relatively good performance. In this evaluation, 5% of “FEED2” was added at culture day 4, 7, 9, and 11. Feeding manners for commercial media sets were followed the center point of each instruction’s recommendation. 『BASAL3 + FEED2』 showed the highest IgG titer compared to other commercial media sets. Additionally, using 『BASAL3 + FEED2』 protein qualities such as charge variant and glycosylation profile showed similar trend compared to the original product.