Cell Culture Media

Amino acids, which are constituents of antibody and protein pharmaceuticals, are essential nutrients for animal cells used in the manufacture of such pharmaceuticals. We provide cell culture media products by using the know-how and technology of Ajinomoto Co., Inc., cutting-edge amino acid technology.

What’s Animal Cell Culture Media?

Animal cell culture media consist of 30 to 60 ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins and inorganic salts as sources of nutrient for animal cells. Recently, most of animal cell culture media are chemically defined, and non-animal-derived media are necessary for manufacturing biopharmaceuticals such as antibody drugs and vaccines.

  • CHO Cell Culture Media Product

    CELLiSTTM Basal Media
    Model No.
    Basal media
    CELLiSTTM Feed Media
    Model No.
    Feed media

    We also provide custom-made media by adding or removing ingredients in bulk products, amino acids premix, etc.
    Order custom-made media and bulk products (032.210.2600)

  • Safety Assurance

    • Quality Assurance System

      We implement a stringent quality assurance system which is applied to pharmaceuticals, based on 「ASQUA」, a unique quality assurance system of Ajinomoto Group.
    • Procurement of raw materials

      We use high-quality raw materials such as amino acids supplied by Ajinomoto, and at the same time, implement a full traceability system for the raw materials and quality control system that comply with cGMP standards, thereby provide cell culture media products with high reproducibility.
    • Product release

      We provide reagents as well as products for research and commercial scale. We select the most suitable shipping method according to the product size to deliver the products safely.